Saturday, July 23, 2016

You get a sheet mask, you get a sheet mask!--Sheet Mask Haul

I am so obsessed with all things Korean beauty and the latest are sheet masks. I searched for where I could find the best Korean beauty shops in NYC and the internet led me the The Face Shop in the heart of Koreatown. I love the shop, so clean and pretty with walls filld with products. I am sucker for anything aesthetically pleasing. As soon you walk in, there it is--a wall full of sheet masks or "sheet mask heaven" as I call it. I scoped around the entire store, the back of the store had several products like cleansers,and serums to test and try. But I came for one reason and that was the sheet masks. The shop workers were pretty hands-off but you can ask them anything about the products if you'd like. Sheet masks range from $2 to $6. They are currently having a promotion of 'buy 10 and get 5 free'. There are masks for all types of beauty concerns. Each mask gives a description of what concern it helps with, plus they are all natural. Check out all the masks, I scoop up while I was there.

Firming:  The  two superfoods, Acai and Blueberry essence helps with elasticity and vitality to help create baby soft skin. Who doesn't want baby soft skin?

Hydrating: Aloe and Cucumber, both help with moisturizing and soothing. So perfect for the current heat wave we are facing in the city. Cool as cucumber is a definite need!

Brigthening: Oh, how I need this! Like many, I suffer from hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Never used a rice based formula but I am excited to try. The rice is suppose to help soften and brighten skin, while the lemon adds a glow to the dull skin. 

Moisturizing: Perfect for the winter, honey and olive are jam-packed with moisture. Dry face = no bueno!

Flowers & Tea:  Each masks adds a little of their own magic. Lotus helps with moisture, Peony adds radiance and White Tea brightens and clears skin tone.

Nourishing: We all know how good shea butter is for the skin. This mask deeply nourishes the skin.
Character: What's the point of sheet masks without the getting the fun ones? I love this monkey one. It's filled with apple essence is filled with vitamins and soothes irritated skin. 

Sebum Control: I have combination skin and tend to get oily, this mask helps with controlling oily skin.

Fresh Milk Cream: For irritated skin and nourishing, milk protein does the job. Can't wait to try this!

I cannot wait to try these masks and I am so glad I was able to pick them  up. The Face Shop also gave me some free samples that I am excited to try. I will be trying them on Snapchat (sn:karizmafabulous), so add me to see how they work. 

I'm curious about your favorites too, I would love to try them! So, let me know!

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