Thursday, July 28, 2016

Five Tips to Deal with Pressure during a Big Event!

Hi Fabs,
For work, I plan large scale events, meetings and convention and baby, let me tell you it can get crazy. If you are planning an event, small or large, you can easily get overwhelmed with everything. Here are some things I do to help deal with the pressure: 

Stay hydrated and full: Not to sound like your mother or maternal figure but seriously, did you eat?! The last thing you want to be hungry or thirsty. I become the worst version of myself when I am hungry. Carry snacks if you can and a bottle of water is your friend. Trust me when I say this. 

Comfort: Make sure you are comfortable, your shoes and outfit. I know you want to look your best but try to pick an outfit and shoes that are cute but sensible. Plan according to the event, for the conventions I plan I usually were dressy (not tight) slacks, a flowy top and nice (not too high) heels! I keep a pair of stylish flats always! This is very important if you are run around and trying to finish up last minute items.

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Rest, rest, rest:  Rest as much as you can! Days turned into nights as you are trying to make sure everything runs smoothly.  You probably won't get much  rest during the time, so get a good nights rest especially before the opening day. 

Stay fresh: I love smelling good, but if you are running from venue to venue, you will perspire. Sweat will come and you will smell. Don't forget your deodorant or travel wipes if you're the sweaty type. 

Be calm: Take a deep breath, repeat a mantra, fake a smile or step away for moment. Things happens, stuff breaks, just know that you put your best foot forward. It will be OK!

What do you guys do to help with the pressure for a big event?

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