Saturday, July 2, 2016

Currently Reading..."I AM THAT GIRL"

Hi Fabs,

Lately, when I've picking up a book it's usually a motivational read. Since I am on a mission to best version of myself, reading inspirational books is high up on the list! I started googling books for women that help with finding your passion and purpose (this is a major goal for me)  and "I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and bethatgirl" came up. Since I couldn't wait to read, I downloaded to my Kindle app and dove right in. Don't you love that?! I'm a sucker for instant gratification! The book is  filled with truly inspiring tales from women of all walks of life, including the author Alexis Jones. I was very glad I got this. Any time I read any self-improvement or motivational books I like ones that include real-life stories. Alexis tells us her story while giving a plan of how to empower ourselves and become "that girl". She describes her journey to start the I AM THAT GIRL foundation.

"The moments of brilliance in your life will always be balanced by moments of vulnerability, insecurity, and doubt. The sooner you get around to being okay with that, the happier your life will be."-Alexis Jones

Not only is this a great book, Alexis' "I AM THAT GIRL" foundation carries on the dream that she has set forth to empower all women. A great read if you are looking for inspiration.


What are you guys reading?

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