Saturday, July 2, 2016

Before you leave for vacation, don't forget these...

Hi Fabs,

I know everyone's ready to jump on the next thing smoking but here's some items that you shouldn't forget:

Skincare: make it travel size like this Belief set. It's only $20 and has everything you need in a cute reusable travel case. Love how they list the ingredients on the front of the package.

Camera: My photos just sit on my phone for so long and I never develop them anymore. But I am not traveling anymore without this instant camera.
Brightest nail polish and matching bathing suit: This bathing suit is currently on sale here and get this nail polish here.  I've been into to oranges and corals this summer! What's your color this season?

Most important, don't forget to smile! You are on vacation after all!

And if you do forget anything, don't worry. Have a good time either way!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend! 

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