Thursday, February 25, 2016

They Don't Want You to Have a Bomb Ass Closet!

Hi Fabs,

As a little girl, I wanted to a dream wardrobe with the closet to match. I never forget watching Mariah Carey's and Kimora Lee Simmons closet's on Cribs and imagining there were mine!  Now, I have my eye on J.Lo's closet because I know it's fabulous.  Living in NYC, it is still a dream!  Thank God for Pinterest, so I can  drool collect my favorite closet ideas.  I added some of my closet essentials below and check out my Pinterest board for some more ideas!

Decor Salteado - Blog de Decoração e Arquitetura : Closet espelhado e bancada de maquiagem com pia maravilhosos!:
Must have a vanity! Loving the glass drawers.

The elegant Duchamps Storage Mirror is specifically designed for organizing and storing your favorite treasures inside.:
Gigantic mirror and wallpaper are everything!
Double doors in front of the closet or bathroom!:
Door goals!
The Throne Armchair by Caspani    design idea: a different arm chair around the dining table:
Every Queen needs her throne!
no words needed:
Marble countertops, hell to the yes!
closet, branco, espelho, lustre de cristal, carpete:
Chandelier check!

 What are your closet #goals? 

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