Friday, January 15, 2016

Karizma's "Year of Yes"!

Hi Fabs,

Happy New Year! Super late, I know! I hope that 2016 has been awesome for you. So, for Christmas I received Shonda Rhimes (the creator of all of your Thursday night obsessions) book, "Year of Yes" and I was soooo excited! I am always looking for inspirational and positive materials to make me a better human.
This book is so great! We get a glimpse into the personality of the phenomenal creative mind of Shonda Rhimes. When I read this, it felt like I was transported to Shonda's living room with a glass of wine and popcorn ad just chatting with her. Shonda is so funny and real. A short synopsis, Shonda is told by her sister, that she never says yes to anything, and she later embarks on "year of yes" to all the things that she has been fearful of. She takes on her journey of her "year of yes". 

So, following Shonda's example, I have decided to embark my "year of yes". My "year of yes" is focused on me saying "yes" to things that make me happy. A lot of the time, I am always saying "yes" to make others happy but this year, it's all about me! Yes to growing, learning, changing, evolving and loving myself!

Come on this journey with me!

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