Saturday, August 8, 2015

Self Care Saturday

Hi Fabs,

You may have heard all around the internet about #selfcaresaturday, but not really know what it is. I believe the term was coined by the funny blogger, Luvvie. In short, it is exactly that taking care of yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally. As women, some of us have this "superwoman" complex and believe we can do it all. But you can imagine how much of a toll this is putting on our self-health. Ladies, we have to make time for ourselves. Here's some way I "self-care."

1. SOCIAL MEDIA HIATUS. Too often, we get wrapped up in what people are posting on social media and then feel the need to "compete".  In this competition, we work ourselves to death trying to do better that what ever the next person is doing. Don't do this yourself. Always, remember people are posting what they want you to see and omitting things they don't want you to see. So, cut all of the devices (for as long as you can, realist over here) and just take a deep breath.


2. JOURNAL. Sometimes, we just want to vent but we don't have someone we want to talk to about a particular thing, journaling is made for that. I love playing my favorite music and just reflecting on everything in my journal. I draw, scribble, and just write everything.

Not me by the way, but what's the point of the flowers?
3. GET A MASSAGE. Seriously, how much tension do you have built up in your neck right now? One of the easiest ways for me to take care of myself is getting a good old rubdown. I feel like a whole new person after a massage.


4. EAT A GOOD MEAL.  Eating healthy can be stressful and sometimes setbacks can make you feel worse about yourself. But allow your self to have some thing you like every now and then. Just live and have the steak.


5. DO WHAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. The whole point of #selfcaresaturday, is to take care of yourself. That can mean anything to you but it just means do whatever it is that make you happy. Take a break from it all and schedule some "you" time.

I would love to hear some on the ways you #selfcaresaturday! Please share!

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