Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to Save Money, Money Money!

 Hi Fabs,

I am no expert in this matter at all but I wanted to share a few things I do to save money.  Trust me, saving is difficult especially if you are self-proclaimed shopaholic, like myself. But there's something about looking at a healthy bank account, that makes me feel happy and accomplished.  Here's some helpful tips, that has helped me to save money.

1. CUT THOSE BILLS. In order to save money, you have to decrease your expenses. One of the major ways, I started saving more money was cutting out cable. Cable is one of the most expensive useless utility (to me, at least). Who watches all those channels anyways? If you are an avid TV watcher, opt for Netflix, Hulu or Sling (for $20 a month, you can watch live TV channels like HGTV & Food Network). These choices can still satisfy your TV addiction but at lower costs.  Also, save on electricity bills, turn off your lights, when you ever you can. This is good to do in the summer since there's a lot of natural light and remove "phantom" energy users, unplug those devices you aren't using or turn off your surge protectors. 

2. SELL OLD STUFF. Haven't used those shoes in years? Sell them. Do a yard sale, take them to a consignment shop or use Ebay, Depop or PoshMark to sell your items. You can buy discounted items from these places as well, so you can save money there too. Check out my closet on PoshMark, @karizmafabulous!

3. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. Closet full of clothes you never use, huh? Shop your closet and use them, unless they are hideous, then get rid of them or use them for "lounge" wear or dusting around the house.

4. LIMIT HOW OFTEN YOU "GO OUT".  You can easily drop hundreds on a fun night out, dinner drinks, etc. Invite your friends over your place, or suggest a movie night at their place. Or research free events in your city, free can be fun too!

5. USE THEM COUPONS. You don't have to become an extreme couponer but don't be afraid of using coupons for your next purchase. I never buy anything online without looking for a promo code or coupon (thanks, RetailMeNot). Also, in your Sunday newspaper contains several manufacturer coupons, especially on new items at your next supermarke.

6. TAKE YOUR LUNCH TO WORK. Buying lunch everyday can kill your pockets, especially in NYC. Lunch can cost $10 or more. Bring your lunch as often as you can.

7. CHECK YOUR BILLS FOR HIDDEN CHARGES. A lot of times, there are hidden charges on your bills that you don't notice.  Also, there may services you may not be using that may increase your bills. Call your service providers and ask about this charges, they may remove them and get rid of any services you do not use.

8. IF YOU CAN MAKE IT, YOU WILL SAVE. Lately, I've been heavily into DIY, (blame Pinterest). You can make a lot of things at home with common household items. Check out this list of 101 uses of common household items.

9. WASH YOUR HAIR AT HOME. I have saved a lot of money by washing my hair at home. I still get my treatments and trims at the hair salon but I have saved up around $70 a month by doing my weekly washes at home.

Like I said, I am no expert but these are what help me to save money. I know, that saving may be difficult and you may experience some setbacks but don't beat yourself up. If you have a setback, just get back on the horse and start again. Also, there are several websites that offer more ideas on personal finance goals.

I would love to hear some of saving strategies. Share them with me!

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