Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Beauty Haul & Review 2015

Hi Fabs, 

Got some some beauty items I picked up recently here on the blog today. I know you've seen several of these products all over your favorite social networks, so here are my thoughts.

I got all these items on sale at Drugstore.com. It came a day after I ordered it, so that was great. I planned to go my local drugstore with some coupons I had but I found that they were cheaper online. I've been wanting to try to the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water for a while, so I was excited to get it. I went to a yacht party on Saturday night (pinkies up! lol), and had on a good amount of makeup and used the cleansing water to remove my makeup. It did a pretty good job removing the makeup, however, I felt I had use a lot of the product. I literally had to soak my cotton pad several times to get my makeup off. Also, it barely took off my eye makeup. I had to call for reinforcement, my tried and true Neutrogena Eye Makeup remover. What I did like after using the cleansing water was my skin felt so good and fresh after, and it did not irritate my skin like some makeup removers do (especially certain brand's makeup wipes).

My skin tends to be oily in certain spots and when the Spring and Summer come around, who likes heavy moisturizers?! I like the Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer for that purpose, it's super light but also hydrating. So where my skin is not oily, its dry, lucky me! I picked up the Pond's Dry Skin Cream for those dry patches. It's not super greasy, because I mentioned earlier "me no likey" thick creams in the warmer weather.

I like simple makeup in Spring and Summer. My routine consists tinted moisturizer, bronzer, a little eyeliner and a good lip. I'm obsessed with this Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner. It has a fine felt-tip point which makes it easy to apply. I am far from a winged eye liner master but with this I might become one soon. Watch out, @amrezy. (Dont worry, I will not get to your level ever! Lol) After researching Instagram, I decided to get Milani Statement Color Lipstick in Violet Volt.  I liked the creamy application but the color was kinda off from what I wanted. I wanted a little more purple shade. I can't resist Milani packaging, I love the gold, feels so fancy. Anyone else can't resist pretty packaging???

Any beauty goodies you pick up lately? Share!

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