Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Circle is Getting Smaller

Hi Fabs,

I love writing about my experiences, that is why I changed the blog to a lifestyle blog a while ago. I love fashion but there's much more I want to share rather than my choices in heels (post to come soon, lol.) Now, onto the topic of this post, my decreasing friend circle.

I am very social individual, as my elementary teachers noted to my parents. "Your daughter is an exceptional student but she talks too much during class." Always. Insert my dad, " What could you  possibly be talking about that is so important during class?" And because I knew better than to answer that loaded question, I would shake my head, look down at my feet and fight back my tears. My chatterbox behavior carried all the way until high school because notes were insufficient to quell my need to talk.

To this day, I am still very social and I make friends easily. However, over the years, I have lost friends as easy as I have gained them. I fully ascribe to the fact that we lose friends every seven years (sometime faster than that) because we change, grow and evolve. People go in different directions in life and have to go there separate ways. Also, I am not the type to keep toxic friendships for the sake of having a lot of friends. Quality over quantity.

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I have lost several friends including so-called "best friends." But I always refer to idea that God puts certain people in your life at a certain time, so you can learn from them. And now, as the friends that have been in my life recently are moving into their particular life directions, I have learned that they have come into my life for a reason, even its temporary. So, I am okay with my circle of friends getting smaller because then I know that I have learned the lesson that God wanted me to.

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Your thoughts on friendships?

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