Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 26: "Z" for Zoom

Hi Fabs,

It's the last day of the Alphabet Game. It was fun and forced me to get creative with my posts. I will be back to my regular posts and I promise to post more frequently. 

So, you are probably wondering why "Z" is for zoom. Well, I know you can agree with me, when I say that the year is zooming by. I remember just thinking about my New Year's resolutions, and now the Summer is steadily approaching in a matter of days. I feel now the urge to create a list of Summer goals, even though I haven't completed my resolutions. Talk about getting ahead of myself. Anyways, see my list below:

Karizma's Summer To-Do's 

 -Watch a movie outside (Outdoor Movie Guide)
-Have a picnic (Picnic Ideas)
-Attend a music festival (Festival Guide)
-Make a few trips to the beach (NYC Top Beaches)
-Read a few summer novels (Best Summer Reads)
-Go to Coney Island (Luna Park)
-Go to a baseball game (Yankees, Mets)
-Watch  July 4th fireworks (Where to Watch)
-Shop at few Flea Markets (Brooklyn Flea)
-Create fun summer cocktails (Modern Summer Cocktails)

The most important part of Summer is getting out there and having fun! Hopefully, this Summer doesn't zoom by, like the last few months. My list is pretty quintessential Summer activities, do you have any unique ones to share? 

Feel free to list your fun Summer activities!

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