Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 18: "R" for Random

Hi Fabs,

I want to do a post about just random things because life is random and I have so many thoughts in my head currently. So, here it goes:

-I do not have a couch in my apartment right now. I sold my old one and now, I've been waiting to buy the perfect one.

-I actually want to move out my apartment. Too many reasons but one major reason, it doesn't feel like home...

-I miss college. The good times, the random drunken nights and especially having my friends all in one spot.

-Eating healthy is slowly killing me. LOL It's not but I really want a frickin' burger with bacon and cheese or bacon with a side of burger and cheese. Don't forget a margarita!

-Jillian Michaels is a beast. My body is sore just thinking about her.

-I watch Real World Explosion. It's good, slutty and funny all at once. Can't wait to watch tonight!

-I want to be more crafty. I want to sew, make wreaths, remodel a vintage bookcase and do calligraphy all at once. All at once!

Ok, I am done for now. Any random thoughts, you want to share???

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