Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 16: "P" for Perfume

Dear Fabs, 

Hope your week  is going well. I've always been a fan of perfume, from playing in my mom's collection (my favorite of hers was YSL Paris) to my dad's extensive selections. It's also funny how certain smells can trigger nostalgia. I remember standing in front my mom's dresser and spraying my entire body, with my mom ending up stopping me before it got into my eyes while we both choked from the mix of multiple smells in the air. To this day, I love spritzing from head to toe in my favorite fragrances. I just love smelling good too! I am not a perfume snob, if I like the scent I get it! Check out below some of my latest faves!



Ps. Aren't the Marchesa and Valentino bottles just gorge?

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