Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 15: "O" for Optimism

Dear Fabs, 

Everyday I am on the search for happiness and I always wonder what I need to do to make myself feel happy. I know, it is impossible to feel happy all the time but I feel like I need to try to embrace it more, especially when I am feeling negative. Being an NYC girl, I feel we come with an extra layer of negativity, just based on our commute alone but I am trying to break through that "extra" layer. 

I have begun to turn my life over to a more "positive" one filled with more optimism and I have began to see more glimpses of happiness. I do believe in the "Law of Attraction" and trying to practice it more. The hardest thing, I think is when you are having a bad moment is how to not dwell in that moment and think negatively. Lately, how I do not dwell in those is by forcing cracking a smile and practicing saying a few kind words to reverse my feelings. It takes practice but I've been working on it.

Also, Check out the article from Refinery29 about optimism.

How do you stay optimistic?

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