Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day Ten: "J" for Journey

Hi Fabs,

Cannot believe that 2014 is almost here! 2013 has been filled with several ups and downs but it has been a learning journey. A lot has happened this year, earlier I took styling courses and assisted on a few styling projects. I devoted more time to my blog. I became a better friend and renewed my faith and hope. Also, I had the stressful task of moving to a new apartment. It 's really amazing how much can happen in a year.

(Via Pinterest)
I am so excited for 2014, I cannot wait to start this new journey. I have learned that things happen that out of your control and instead of feeling defeated, it is better to realize that life is not perfect and it comes with hurdles that you must overcome to become a stronger person. So, like the quote above, my motto for 2014 is to stop worrying and live through this amazing journey called life. 

How are you ringing in this new year? And where has your journey taken you?

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