Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day Nine: "I" for Inspiration

Dear Fabs,

Here in the US, it is the holiday season and I love this time of year. With the upcoming new year, I am always looking for inspiration to carry into the new year. I am super excited about 2014!

(Via Pinterest)
As a blogger, inspiration is very important. My sources of inspirations come from several places such as  Pinterest, music, friends and and my environment. Also, I seek to inspire others with my blog. If can give people ideas and inspire them to do great things with their lives, that is would be amazing.  That would make me truly happy. Sometimes inspiration may be hard to come by, but when I feel uninspired, I take a step outside, take a breath of fresh air and look around me. It's amazing how just being out in world can make you realize that you are a piece of a larger puzzle and that so much is happening around you and that to me is inspiring.

What inspires you?

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