Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day Eight: "H" for Haul

Hello Fabs, 

Of course, H is definitely for haul and the holidays too! I am debuting my first haul in this post and I will be doing more, of course! I bought several of these items a little after Thanksgiving. I scored these items from some of my favorite stores, such as TJ Maxx, Sephora and Nordstrom. 

Lipsticks and nail polish are my obsession. I have been on the hunt for the perfect gray nail polish, which I scored with this NYC nail polish named "Sidewalkers"at Duane Reade. It was only $2.19!! It's a medium gray polish, that is not too thick and sparkly, like other grays I've seen. I bought another from the same brand called "Fashion Safari",  which is a nice beige-nude color. I like both colors because they are not sheer and give color on the first coat.

Since the holidays are here, I must rock a red lip always. I needed lip liners to for better application of my lipsticks, so I picked up a few from Nordstrom. The three I picked up are by NYX Cosmetics in Hot Red, Nude Pink and Natural. I also got the Eye and Eyebrow Pencil in Black. All were around the $3-5 range.

In an effort to pay more attention to my brows, I bought this NYX Cosmetics Brow Pencil and Highlighter called "Push-up Bra for Eyebrow" at Nordstrom. Hopefully, it gives me the defined brows I'm looking for.

As I obsessed with all things the gorgeous and beautiful, I adore a great scent. I like variety and changing up my scents with my feeling. That's where this Tocca "Meet the Girls" set comes into play. I scored this at Sephora and I am so excited about it. I already had the "Guiletta" and "Liliana" fragrances, so I cannot wait to "meet the 'other' girls"! And it comes in the gorgeous tin case which can be used for something else when it's finished!

I needed a new blogging notebook, so when I saw this at TJ Maxx, I had to have it. It was only $5 and has lined sheets, space for title and date at the top of each page and a pocket for cards and coupons, etc.  So cute!

Like any these items? Let me know!
Happy Holidays!

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