Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day Two: "B" for Blogging

Hi Fabs,

Today is Day Two and the letter of the day is "B". I chose to write about blogging today. There are several reasons I started this blog.

One reason is for a creative outlet, somewhere I can spread my creative juices. Initially, the blog as a fashion blog but eventually, I realized that yes, I love fashion but I wanted to share more. More meaning my life, I am late 20's woman living in the NYC and had much more that I wanted to share about my everyday life and experiences.

Secondly, I started this blog to connect with others.  I thrive on human interaction and love learning from others and connecting with others on many different levels.

Thirdly, I love writing. I was an English major in undergrad and enjoy every minute of reading and writing.

Fourthly, I believe blogging is inspirational and has allowed me to feel inspired every time I write.

I appreciate anyone who take the time out to read or comment on my blog. My blog is personal and I am glad I can share these experiences with you.

Why do you blog? And if you don't blog, why do you read them?

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