Friday, November 1, 2013

Day One: "A" for Appreciation

Hi Fabs,

Today is Day One of the alphabet game! The letter of the day is "A". "A" for Appreciation. 

Do you appreciate all that you have or do you feel under-appreciated? Sometimes it may be hard to realize all the things we should be grateful for, with all the things that go on in our daily lives.  I believe that in order to be happy we need to appreciate the little things. Also, I feel that we should all feel appreciated for the things we do for one another.
(Via Pinterest)

I appreciate all of you who take time out to read and comment on my blog. And don't forget to show appreciation to others! 

Join in the fun with me! Share all the things you are appreciative for. How do you show your appreciation?


  1. I like to take time to appreciate the small things-- I think it's a great mood-booster and definitely helps keep me grounded!

    1. I agree, the small things are so important! Thanks for stopping by!