Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hola Fabs,

Everyone who knows me, knows I love to travel. If I had the choice, I would probably give it all up and travel the world for the rest of my life. But on a more realistic note, two or more vacations a year should suffice. I came across this great article from Elle Decor about shopping while traveling from Nate Berkus. Two of my favorite things to do, combined! Top places on my list are Paris, Dubai, Bora Bora and the Maldives! Dreams locations, right?

(Via Pinterest)

Where do you want to go? Where have you gone?
Share your adventures!


  1. I agree! I recently came from Greece and Paris and talking to locals there have been life-changing ♥ I love this quote and God willing, I hope to travel to more places like you soon.

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    1. Greece is totally on my short list! It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Isn't traveling amazing???