Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Was Your Week?

Hi Fabs,

Last week flew by, for me at least! I was able to grab dinner and drinks with some friends on Thursday (much needed!)  I went to Caracas Arepas Bar in the East Village, was pretty good.

What I liked the most was the Michelada, a spicy beer cocktail. At the first sip, I didn't taste the spice but after a few..hello kick!!! I'm going to attempt to make this at home!
Michelada @ Caracas Arepa Bar
 Since I was on a "Latin kick" from the night before, I decided to have tacos for lunch on Friday.

Double Tacos! 
This weekend has been low-key for me, mostly running errands and doing things around the house. The weather has been gorgeous in NYC lately. I love the Fall!  Here in the United States, Monday is a holiday, Columbus Day. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow unlike everyone else I know. Going to take an afternoon stroll in the park now. 

Hope you have an awesome weekend!! 

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