Thursday, September 19, 2013
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Hi Fab Friends, 

As I approach my birthday later this month, I always get a little sentimental around this time. I don't know if it is because I am getting older or the fact that I never feel like I get the "dream" birthday I want (I don't even know what my "dream" birthday really is). I do love the actual day though, the thought that today was the day in which I came into the world makes me feel happy. Also, this year I feel it is harder to deal with because its another year closer to the Big 3-O.  I do not think it's only me, that is having this weird feeling about life. Lately, I feel everyone I know, has felt unlike themselves. I follow astrology and I read that the third week of September is  very emotional and planets could cause the lost of focus. So, I will blame it on the planets. 

I usually indulge myself with a few treats for my birthday and take the day off from        work. I am a strong believer that no one should work on 
their birthdays, 
it's just wrong (lol). 
But anyway, I plan on sharing a few
of my treats with you! 

How do you celebrate your birthday? 

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