Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why don't you stay...cation?

Hi Fabs,

Did you know that in 2015, 41% of Americans did not use any of their vacation days. Our European counterparts are laughing at us in their accents. This article explains more about why Americans aren't using their vacation days.

I don't know who these people but they surely aren't me! I live for my vacation days. I'm guessing that if people don't have anywhere to go (like a destination) they end up not using those days. I am strong believer in using those even it's for a "stay-cation"!!!

Here are some staycation ideas:

The "Do nothing" stay-cation: It means just that. Let go all your normal responsibilities for the day and just do nothing at all. Watch all your favorite shows, lounge around all day in your pjs, and eat your favorite snacks.

The "not too far" staycation: Take a day trip to a somewhere close, where you can come home on the same day or the next. Make an itinerary and hit all the places you want.

The "Pamper yourself" staycation: Head to your favorite day spa, get your favorite treatments. My favorites are Bliss Spa and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.

The "Touristy" staycation: When was the last time you explored your own city? Make a list of  tourist attractions in your city and try to see as much them as you can. Take your camera and have fun!

Do you use your vacation days? What are some of your favorite "staycation"?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

They Don't Want You to Have a Bomb Ass Closet!

Hi Fabs,

As a little girl, I wanted to a dream wardrobe with the closet to match. I never forget watching Mariah Carey's and Kimora Lee Simmons closet's on Cribs and imagining there were mine!  Now, I have my eye on J.Lo's closet because I know it's fabulous.  Living in NYC, it is still a dream!  Thank God for Pinterest, so I can  drool collect my favorite closet ideas.  I added some of my closet essentials below and check out my Pinterest board for some more ideas!

Decor Salteado - Blog de Decoração e Arquitetura : Closet espelhado e bancada de maquiagem com pia maravilhosos!:
Must have a vanity! Loving the glass drawers.

The elegant Duchamps Storage Mirror is specifically designed for organizing and storing your favorite treasures inside.:
Gigantic mirror and wallpaper are everything!
Double doors in front of the closet or bathroom!:
Door goals!
The Throne Armchair by Caspani    design idea: a different arm chair around the dining table:
Every Queen needs her throne!
no words needed:
Marble countertops, hell to the yes!
closet, branco, espelho, lustre de cristal, carpete:
Chandelier check!

 What are your closet #goals? 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Skin IS in!

Hi Fabs,

Since I am approaching my 30's, there is so much more that I am mindful of when it comes to mind, body and soul. Gone are the days of not paying attention to the my overall well-being. One area that I am focusing on lately is my skin. I definitely grateful for the youthful appearance that God has given me but maintenance is also important.

A few years ago, I found out my skin type (combination) and that help me pick up products that cater to my type. But that doesn't stop me from picking up all kinds of products to test, because that's just my shopaholic tendencies.

There are many factors that play a part in your skin, including your diet. I have upped my water intake and noticed a definite change in my skin for the better. Lemons, apple cider vinegar and tomatoes are also amazing for the skin.  Also, SPF has become my friend. Many women of color do not believe in using SPF but it's 2016 and they are many studies out there about this topic. After losing a close friend to skin cancer, it has opened my eyes and made me more aware of dangers of not using sunscreen. I tend to use SPF 30 to 45. Anything higher does make much of difference.

This has been in my rotation!

Lately, I've focusing on my hyper-pigmentation and under-eye darkness. I'm gonna try out some new products and let you know what's up. By the way guys, I am no expert at all and I highly suggest that you see a dermatologist for skin's 411.

I'm thinking of starting a series on skin care, what do you guys think? Also, I would love to know your skincare secrets and favorite products?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Karizma's "Year of Yes"!

Hi Fabs,

Happy New Year! Super late, I know! I hope that 2016 has been awesome for you. So, for Christmas I received Shonda Rhimes (the creator of all of your Thursday night obsessions) book, "Year of Yes" and I was soooo excited! I am always looking for inspirational and positive materials to make me a better human.
This book is so great! We get a glimpse into the personality of the phenomenal creative mind of Shonda Rhimes. When I read this, it felt like I was transported to Shonda's living room with a glass of wine and popcorn ad just chatting with her. Shonda is so funny and real. A short synopsis, Shonda is told by her sister, that she never says yes to anything, and she later embarks on "year of yes" to all the things that she has been fearful of. She takes on her journey of her "year of yes". 

So, following Shonda's example, I have decided to embark my "year of yes". My "year of yes" is focused on me saying "yes" to things that make me happy. A lot of the time, I am always saying "yes" to make others happy but this year, it's all about me! Yes to growing, learning, changing, evolving and loving myself!

Come on this journey with me!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shawty Got Gifts! Karizma's Gift Guide

Hi Fabs,

I love the holiday season! Starting with the food holiday aka Thanksgiving to New Years, it makes me feel so happy and grateful. Here's a fun gift guide for the fabulous diva in your life (aka me!). Check it out for some gift ideas for your loved ones!

I'm obsessed with the perfume bank, like seriously such a stylish way to save them coins!  The dessert plate is perfect for those shady friends of yours. That faux fur stocking is something from my dreams, come thru Santa! 

Snatch up these savings: Zgallerie has 20% off gifts, artworks and artwork, use code give20. 
 What's on your list?  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Keepin' It Cozy, Comfy & Cute this Thanksgiving

Hi Fabs,

Did ya miss me? I missed you! After a few busy weeks including traveling for work, I am back and it's already almost Thanksgiving! If you are like me, Thanksgiving is about three major things: Family, Food and Comfort! I like to look pulled together but I want be comfy as possible for all the good eats and lounging that will be happening. I picked some of my favorite comfy pieces to rock this Thanksgiving to have room for all the turkey you will consume and still look stylish while doing so.

1 (on sale)*2*3(on sale)*4*5*6*7

I am super excited to eat and relax with my closest friends and family this Thanksgiving season. I am also going to make a few dishes including Sweet Potato Mash with candied pecans and Jalapeno-Cheddar cornbread. 

What are you guys excited about this Thanksgiving?  And what yummy dishes are you having? Tell me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Werkin' It at Work

Hi Fabs,

It's rainy and gross in NYC but I'm here with some fashion inspiration for the remainder of the work week. Dresses are super easy for work, with a pair of tights during the Fall, you have a fast outfit.