Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog Shout-Outs (January 2015)

Hi Fabs,

My gosh, there are so many amazing bloggers out there!

You all know the famous blogs but I wanted to shout out ones I recently discovered. Visit them and tell 'em Karizma sent ya!.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

#Mood: All About Shoes

Hi Fabs,

Do you get into "buying moods"? I do. Sometimes, I only want to buy a certain thing, like handbags or home decor. Right now, it is all about shoes.

(via Pinterest)

Shoes 1.17.15

   Check out my latest picks! The sneakers are on sale now. Loving the color on the Joe's heels. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seeing the Same Everywhere! Another "I Left My Job" Post

Hi Fabs,

Do you ever get the feeling that once you do or talk about something, you start seeing it everywhere? Well, that has happened to me recently. In December, I decided to resign from my full-time job at an investment firm that I have been at for six years. After resigning, I started seeing all theses articles/blog posts about "Why I Left My Full-Time Job". I started wondering if everyone was just discontent with their work or was this the Universe telling me that it is going to be okay. Trust me, this was one of the hardest decisions, I have ever faced in my life. To leave the security of steady paycheck, health insurance and 401k to not knowing what's next, is very difficult.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was contemplating whether or not to leave my job and what's next for me. Well, I decided that it was best for me leave that job. There are several reasons why I left, but the biggest reason was lack of fulfillment. I decided that I would rather leave my job than stay and search for another position in an unfulfilling environment.  I know, everything online says that you should never leave a job without another having another lined up. For me, I didn't think that I was fair to me or my employer to actively be searching for a job on their "dime" and I had become totally disengaged. I wanted a fresh start and a new perspective.

I am afraid, nervous but excited. I do not know what is next for me. I love the freedom of making my own schedule and catching up on things I like to do. But I do have some moments, when I rethink my decisions. Not regret, but I replay the scenario over in my head. The uncertainty is hard to deal with at times but I am content that my faith and belief will put in me in the right position.

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In Real Life: Money, Weight & Organization

Hi Fabs,

As much as I love shopping, I have not bought anything for myself recently. Shocking, I know. Well, there are few reasons behind this.

Number 1: I am on a spending freeze. 
Number 2: I am on a diet. 
Number 3: I am in declutter mode. 

Ok, hold on while I tackle all three. I do what I consider a "spending freeze" at least twice a year. This is where I do not spend money on any non-essential items for an entire month. You are probably wondering is that even possible, I assure you it is horrible but can be done. I have willpower for the gawds, for the gawds. No, but also I do not open any retailer coupon emails, I leave them all in the "promotion" tab in Gmail, which is heaven sent. This helps a lot. And, check my bank balance everyday and look at the number. Psychological warfare. Also, setting aside a monthly budget for your essentials, you know bills, rent, etc.

Number two is the frickin' hardest. I will not lie, this is the first time I am really focused on my diet. This is also why I have not bought clothes recently because I want to buy clothes for my slimmer self (speaking it into existence). This definitely helps with the spending freeze. Right now, I am trying to pack more healthy stuff into my diet and more zumba and strength training into the my workout routine. You know, baby steps.

And last but not least, decluttering my space. Blame it on the New Year or my shopaholic qualities. Either way, I have a lot of crap! Clothes, accessories, and other random stuff, I have too much. So, being that I am in "throw all this sh*t out" mode, I am making more room for my "slimmer" wardrobe, which aids in my diet and spending goals. Currently, there are three piles by my front door, "Keep", "Donate" or "Sell".

These are not resolutions by the way, they are life goals. Just things I want to accomplish for myself.

Share your goals with me. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thanks for everything! Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015!

Truly, guys! Thanks for all the views, comments and love! This year has been filled with changes and I am lucky to be here another year! I resolve to post more! Wishing you all a happy and wonderful New Year!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Link Love

Hi Fabs,

I know, I know. You're probably wondering where the heck have you been, Karizma? Let's just say, life ate me alive for the last few weeks. Besides the fact that I turned 28, another one of my friends got engaged and my contemplation of a huge life change, life's been okay. Now to the fun stuff, I rounded up my favorite links for you!

Sugar and spice and everything nice! Can't wait to try this recipe.

My mission is to go to all these bars!

The toys are back! Can you come up with a plot?

I'm always looking for deals. This blog makes it easy!

Share your favorite links!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Currently Reading..."Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"

Hi Fabs,

Hope the week is going well for you all! To keep me sane and escape for a little while from this crazy life, I love reading. Recently, I read Mindy Kaling's new book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" so fast. Like two days fast! The book makes me feel like I'm sitting in Mindy's living room, eating and drinking with her while she tells me stories of her life.

Overall, it's funny and real and awkward at the same time, just like me! 

Please note that I did receive the book for review purposes via Birchbloggers. The photos, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.