Monday, September 5, 2016

What I Watched: Hands of Stone
*may include spoilers*

I am not going to lie, I went into this thinking I was going to see more of Sugar Ray Leonard (played by R&B superstar, Usher Raymond). Although there was limited screen time for Usher, I did enjoy the movie. Following the story of famed Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran, we get to see a glimpse into the life and struggles the boxer faced to become a champion.

What I liked...
I enjoyed learning more about the history of Panama and it's relations to United States about the territorial dispute regarding the Panama Canal. Also, learning about boxing's early ties to the Mob and NYC was very interesting. I think that Edgar Ramirez played the outspoken, defiant and sometimes crass boxer very well. Usher was a perfect choice  as Sugar Ray. Of course, Robert De Niro shined as Ray Arcel, Duran's trainer.

What I disliked...
I really thought this movie was about Sugar Ray, forgive me if I didn't read more about it but it wasn't marketed about Duran. I definitely wished they made the focus more about the Leonard-Duran rivalry. Also, I would of like to know more about Leonard, who is the perfect antagonist for Duran. The American golden boy vs. the Panamanian underdog who despised everything American, who fought three times and ended up friends. I didn't really understand the need for Usher's sex scene, but okay.

Would I spend money on this again...
Nope. Wait for Redbox.

This movie is definitely not for kids. All in all, it was a good condensed telling of Roberto Duran's story. I would love to see a full Sugar Ray movie!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Five Tips to Deal with Pressure during a Big Event!

Hi Fabs,
For work, I plan large scale events, meetings and convention and baby, let me tell you it can get crazy. If you are planning an event, small or large, you can easily get overwhelmed with everything. Here are some things I do to help deal with the pressure: 

Stay hydrated and full: Not to sound like your mother or maternal figure but seriously, did you eat?! The last thing you want to be hungry or thirsty. I become the worst version of myself when I am hungry. Carry snacks if you can and a bottle of water is your friend. Trust me when I say this. 

Comfort: Make sure you are comfortable, your shoes and outfit. I know you want to look your best but try to pick an outfit and shoes that are cute but sensible. Plan according to the event, for the conventions I plan I usually were dressy (not tight) slacks, a flowy top and nice (not too high) heels! I keep a pair of stylish flats always! This is very important if you are run around and trying to finish up last minute items.

(via Pinterest)
Rest, rest, rest:  Rest as much as you can! Days turned into nights as you are trying to make sure everything runs smoothly.  You probably won't get much  rest during the time, so get a good nights rest especially before the opening day. 

Stay fresh: I love smelling good, but if you are running from venue to venue, you will perspire. Sweat will come and you will smell. Don't forget your deodorant or travel wipes if you're the sweaty type. 

Be calm: Take a deep breath, repeat a mantra, fake a smile or step away for moment. Things happens, stuff breaks, just know that you put your best foot forward. It will be OK!

What do you guys do to help with the pressure for a big event?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

You get a sheet mask, you get a sheet mask!--Sheet Mask Haul

I am so obsessed with all things Korean beauty and the latest are sheet masks. I searched for where I could find the best Korean beauty shops in NYC and the internet led me the The Face Shop in the heart of Koreatown. I love the shop, so clean and pretty with walls filld with products. I am sucker for anything aesthetically pleasing. As soon you walk in, there it is--a wall full of sheet masks or "sheet mask heaven" as I call it. I scoped around the entire store, the back of the store had several products like cleansers,and serums to test and try. But I came for one reason and that was the sheet masks. The shop workers were pretty hands-off but you can ask them anything about the products if you'd like. Sheet masks range from $2 to $6. They are currently having a promotion of 'buy 10 and get 5 free'. There are masks for all types of beauty concerns. Each mask gives a description of what concern it helps with, plus they are all natural. Check out all the masks, I scoop up while I was there.

Firming:  The  two superfoods, Acai and Blueberry essence helps with elasticity and vitality to help create baby soft skin. Who doesn't want baby soft skin?

Hydrating: Aloe and Cucumber, both help with moisturizing and soothing. So perfect for the current heat wave we are facing in the city. Cool as cucumber is a definite need!

Brigthening: Oh, how I need this! Like many, I suffer from hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Never used a rice based formula but I am excited to try. The rice is suppose to help soften and brighten skin, while the lemon adds a glow to the dull skin. 

Moisturizing: Perfect for the winter, honey and olive are jam-packed with moisture. Dry face = no bueno!

Flowers & Tea:  Each masks adds a little of their own magic. Lotus helps with moisture, Peony adds radiance and White Tea brightens and clears skin tone.

Nourishing: We all know how good shea butter is for the skin. This mask deeply nourishes the skin.
Character: What's the point of sheet masks without the getting the fun ones? I love this monkey one. It's filled with apple essence is filled with vitamins and soothes irritated skin. 

Sebum Control: I have combination skin and tend to get oily, this mask helps with controlling oily skin.

Fresh Milk Cream: For irritated skin and nourishing, milk protein does the job. Can't wait to try this!

I cannot wait to try these masks and I am so glad I was able to pick them  up. The Face Shop also gave me some free samples that I am excited to try. I will be trying them on Snapchat (sn:karizmafabulous), so add me to see how they work. 

I'm curious about your favorites too, I would love to try them! So, let me know!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Currently Reading..."I AM THAT GIRL"

Hi Fabs,

Lately, when I've picking up a book it's usually a motivational read. Since I am on a mission to best version of myself, reading inspirational books is high up on the list! I started googling books for women that help with finding your passion and purpose (this is a major goal for me)  and "I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, and bethatgirl" came up. Since I couldn't wait to read, I downloaded to my Kindle app and dove right in. Don't you love that?! I'm a sucker for instant gratification! The book is  filled with truly inspiring tales from women of all walks of life, including the author Alexis Jones. I was very glad I got this. Any time I read any self-improvement or motivational books I like ones that include real-life stories. Alexis tells us her story while giving a plan of how to empower ourselves and become "that girl". She describes her journey to start the I AM THAT GIRL foundation.

"The moments of brilliance in your life will always be balanced by moments of vulnerability, insecurity, and doubt. The sooner you get around to being okay with that, the happier your life will be."-Alexis Jones

Not only is this a great book, Alexis' "I AM THAT GIRL" foundation carries on the dream that she has set forth to empower all women. A great read if you are looking for inspiration.


What are you guys reading?

Before you leave for vacation, don't forget these...

Hi Fabs,

I know everyone's ready to jump on the next thing smoking but here's some items that you shouldn't forget:

Skincare: make it travel size like this Belief set. It's only $20 and has everything you need in a cute reusable travel case. Love how they list the ingredients on the front of the package.

Camera: My photos just sit on my phone for so long and I never develop them anymore. But I am not traveling anymore without this instant camera.
Brightest nail polish and matching bathing suit: This bathing suit is currently on sale here and get this nail polish here.  I've been into to oranges and corals this summer! What's your color this season?

Most important, don't forget to smile! You are on vacation after all!

And if you do forget anything, don't worry. Have a good time either way!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why don't you stay...cation?

Hi Fabs,

Did you know that in 2015, 41% of Americans did not use any of their vacation days. Our European counterparts are laughing at us in their accents. This article explains more about why Americans aren't using their vacation days.

I don't know who these people but they surely aren't me! I live for my vacation days. I'm guessing that if people don't have anywhere to go (like a destination) they end up not using those days. I am strong believer in using those even it's for a "stay-cation"!!!

Here are some staycation ideas:

The "Do nothing" stay-cation: It means just that. Let go all your normal responsibilities for the day and just do nothing at all. Watch all your favorite shows, lounge around all day in your pjs, and eat your favorite snacks.

The "not too far" staycation: Take a day trip to a somewhere close, where you can come home on the same day or the next. Make an itinerary and hit all the places you want.

The "Pamper yourself" staycation: Head to your favorite day spa, get your favorite treatments. My favorites are Bliss Spa and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.

The "Touristy" staycation: When was the last time you explored your own city? Make a list of  tourist attractions in your city and try to see as much them as you can. Take your camera and have fun!

Do you use your vacation days? What are some of your favorite "staycation"?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

They Don't Want You to Have a Bomb Ass Closet!

Hi Fabs,

As a little girl, I wanted to a dream wardrobe with the closet to match. I never forget watching Mariah Carey's and Kimora Lee Simmons closet's on Cribs and imagining there were mine!  Now, I have my eye on J.Lo's closet because I know it's fabulous.  Living in NYC, it is still a dream!  Thank God for Pinterest, so I can  drool collect my favorite closet ideas.  I added some of my closet essentials below and check out my Pinterest board for some more ideas!

Decor Salteado - Blog de Decoração e Arquitetura : Closet espelhado e bancada de maquiagem com pia maravilhosos!:
Must have a vanity! Loving the glass drawers.

The elegant Duchamps Storage Mirror is specifically designed for organizing and storing your favorite treasures inside.:
Gigantic mirror and wallpaper are everything!
Double doors in front of the closet or bathroom!:
Door goals!
The Throne Armchair by Caspani    design idea: a different arm chair around the dining table:
Every Queen needs her throne!
no words needed:
Marble countertops, hell to the yes!
closet, branco, espelho, lustre de cristal, carpete:
Chandelier check!

 What are your closet #goals?